Dating 2.0: PodDater

19 01 2008


Wonder if an iPod can get you dates? Well, you can thanks to the service PodDater. PodDater lets you browse videos of other singles and upload your own video for other singles to see. This is one of the more innovative uses of video in a dating service out there.

Why video? PodDater says:

A good video profile can be a little more… revealing. With video there’s movement, there’s sound and just more going on. And it’s EASY to create a video profile. You can make a video with some types of cellphones, a digital camera in “movie mode” or a mini-DV camera.



Dating Hacknots: Worst Way To Pick Up Girls

19 01 2008

Watch it for yourself šŸ˜€

The Case For Online Dating

17 01 2008

A blog dedicated to online dating makes the case for online dating. But despite the obvious bias, the article makes good points on why a lot of the concerns people have regarding online dating are non-issues.

Case in point, an issue usually raised is:

Why donā€™t you just go out and meet real people in your town. It will save you a lot of money.

His answer?

People on the internet are as real as the people in your town.

Makes a lot of sense to me.


The Art of The Pickup: Make Meeting Women Easier

17 01 2008

aotp_thumb.jpgAside from ad hoc, random dating notes, Dating Hacks will contain a regular series of posts focused on various topics. The Art of the Pickup is the first one. It will focus on tips and techniques for men for getting from meeting women -> dating women.

In this first installment, a fantastic advise in the Pickup 101 blog on making it easier to meet and flirt with women:

Create a world in which women EXPECT you to flirt with them every day, where they literally force you to banter with them even when you’re feeling down, in a bad mood, or just not particularly social.

How do you do it?

It’s actually very easy. Whenever you see a woman who is somehow connected to your daily, weekly, or monthly routine, you MAKE SURE you flirt with her.

A great action item to start the new year. Don’t you think so? šŸ˜‰


First Post!

16 01 2008

Welcome to Dating Hacks (Beta)!